Five Ways Hail Damages Your Roof

Hail can leave behind a path of destruction. Nowhere is this more likely than on your roof since it typically takes the brunt of the storm. Know the common ways that hail causes damage so that you can spot them quickly. 1. Compression Damage The weight and force of repeated hail strikes on your shingles can lead to something called compression damage. This damage isn't immediately visible to the untrained eye because much of the damage is to the internal structure of the shingles. Read More 

Signs You Should Get Professional Roofers To Install A New Roof In Your Home

Roofing is an expensive part of the home construction process. Perhaps the expenses are the reason why people choose to postpone re-roofing for as long as possible. However, ignoring roofing issues comes at a high cost, which might be too difficult to handle. For example, when you neglect your roof for too long, it might collapse during a storm, and when this happens, it leads to massive damage to the appliances inside your home and could also injure people. Read More 

Repair Or Replace: What To Do With Your Roof

On average, a roof can cost anywhere from $50,00-$10,000 to replace, so if you notice that there are several repairs that need to be made, it may cause you to hesitate for a second as you consider replacing it altogether. After all, if you can patch up a few weak areas and make it last an extra few years, it can make for a much easier process when you finally do have to schedule a roofing replacement service. Read More 

Choosing Shingles: Key Factors To Consider

If you've decided to have a shingle roof put on your home, then you have already made the first important decision. But now it's time to choose the exact type of shingles you want for your home, and that decision can be harder than you'd think. There are thousands of brands and styles of shingles on the market, but you can pretty easily narrow them down by considering these key factors. Read More 

Five Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Roof

There are many ways to save on roof replacements, but the best savings can be realized by extending the life of your roof. The following tips can help with this. 1. Annual Inspections A professional inspection by a roof repair contractor can help you catch minor issues before the damage progresses too far to save the roof. Spring and early summer is a good time for a roof inspection. Your roofer can look for age and weather-related damage. Read More