3 Flat Roof Damage Signs You Should Never Ignore

Flat roofs are great roofing options for homes. Though you'll need to hire a professional roofing expert, the roof is easy to install. However, their design makes them prone to damage. So, you have to take care of them if you want to improve their longevity.

But even with proper care and maintenance, your flat roof might develop issues that mean the roof requires replacement. While some problems might not be severe, you should never ignore the following signs.

1. When You Have Many Cracks on Your Roof

Rampant cracking is a common problem on flat roofs. This issue is easy to identify even if you are not a roofing expert. If you spot cracks, hire a reputable flat roof replacement expert for immediate repairs or replacement.

Ignoring the problem might lead to leakage, damaging the plyboard or chipboard. If left unrepaired, a cracked roof might weaken and cave in. In case of extensive cracking, your flat roofer might recommend an entire roof replacement.

2. When Water Is Pooling on Your Roof

Unlike a slanting roof, a flat roof does not drain water adequately. As a result, the roof will hold water when it rains. If you don't drain the water immediately, your roof might start sagging on areas where the water is pooling.

As such, if you spot pools of water on your flat roof, it's time to call a flat roof replacement and repair specialist. Keep in mind that water can cause rotting or rusting of the roof. Over time, these can lead to extensive damage to the roof. So, before that happens, hire an expert for inspection of the roof and the necessary repairs.

3. When Plants Start Growing on Your Roof

The presence of moss growing on your flat roof is a clear indication that you have a roofing problem requiring professional intervention. Plants indicate that your roof has been harboring water and not draining it properly. A competent flat roof replacement contractor will first assess the extent of coverage. If the growth is expansive, a complete roof replacement might be necessary. If not so, they'll remove the plants and repair the damaged sections. They will also determine the underlying cause of moss growth and advise you accordingly to prevent future recurrence.

Roof problems, whether small or big, need to be addressed quickly. So, call a reliable flat roof replacement contractor when you notice any of the signs listed above or anything that seems out of the ordinary in your roof. For more information, contact a flat roof replacement contractor.