Less Extreme Ways To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

If you're a homeowner who cares about conserving energy and protecting the environment, you might be aware of options like green roofing and solar shingles. However, you don't have to spend a fortune or invest in a completely new roof to reduce your energy consumption. Here are a few simpler, easier ways to make your existing roof more eco-friendly. Have it sprayed with a white coating. Especially if you live in an area where summers are warm, having a lighter colored roof will reduce your energy costs substantially. Read More 

Slate: A Frequently Overlooked Roofing Material Offering Several Key Benefits

When considering roofing choices, many homeowners completely overlook slate as an option. They see the high price tag and cross it off the list without any further consideration. The truth is that while slate does cost a bit more than a metal or asphalt roof, it offers some pretty remarkable benefits. Consider these benefits, and you might find yourself putting slate back on your list of possible roofing choices. Slate roofing lasts a really, really long time. Read More 

How To Repair Small Cracks And Holes On Your Rubber Roof

There is still a little time left for you to fix any small holes or cracks in your rubber roof before the severe cold of winter arrives. Here is how you can fix a crack or hole on a rubber roof. You Will Need Rubber Patch Rubber Cement Rubber Primer Rubber Cleaner Broom Soft-Bristled Brush Paint Brush Silicone Hand Roller Water Utility Knife Clean Damaged Area You need to thoroughly clean the damaged on the roof so the rubber cement bonds well to the current rubber membrane on the roof. Read More 

5 Roof Issues That Could Spell Disaster

Modern roofs are impressive collections of engineering, construction, and even technology. The various materials that make up your roof are meant to do various things: protect your home from precipitation, extreme temperatures, and pests, to name a few. In order to ensure that you and your family are adequately protected, be sure to seek an inspection or repair if you notice any of these five warning signs: Gutter Buildup When excess debris, such as leaves, nuts, and other items, build up on your roof, they tend to slide into your gutter. Read More 

Snow And Roof Damage: Common Problems and Solutions

Accumulation of snow on your roof can cause damage, from expanding minor leaks to complete roof collapse. It is therefore a good idea to assess the condition of your roof before winter arrives. A few points of concern include: Existing leaks Snow can accelerate the expansion of a leak as it melts and then refreezes between the roof and ceiling. You should check carefully for possible sources of minor leaks. These include cracked, broken, or missing tiles, protruding or missing roofing nails, and loose flashing around abutments and roof edges. Read More