Slate: A Frequently Overlooked Roofing Material Offering Several Key Benefits

When considering roofing choices, many homeowners completely overlook slate as an option. They see the high price tag and cross it off the list without any further consideration. The truth is that while slate does cost a bit more than a metal or asphalt roof, it offers some pretty remarkable benefits. Consider these benefits, and you might find yourself putting slate back on your list of possible roofing choices.

Slate roofing lasts a really, really long time.

Put a slate roof on your home, and you will never have to replace it again in your lifetime. The next homeowners probably won't have to replace it, either! How long your slate roof will last, exactly, will depend on the type of slate you choose. Pennsylvania black slate is one of the softest, least durable options, and even it is expected to last 75 – 125 years. Other types of slate, such as purple slate from Vermont, can last 150 years or more.

The value of your home will increase.

Because prospective buyers will know they will never have to replace the roof, you can fetch a higher asking price should you choose to sell your home. Slate also has a very attractive, high-end look and is sure to make your home one of the more appealing-looking ones on your street. Good looks alone can cause your property value to skyrocket. If you have a Craftsman, Victorian, or other traditional-style home, slate will complement your architectural style a lot better than a more modern roofing choice.

Slate is impervious to fire.

When a fire breaks out in a home, it often spreads via the roof. A slate roof, however, is not flammable. This means that if you do have a house fire, it will spread more slowly than if you had an asphalt or wooden roof. The fire fighters are more likely to be able to put the fire out before the damage is too severe. Your homeowner's insurance rates are likely to go down because of slate's fire resistance, too.

Slate requires little maintenance.

With an asphalt roof, there are always loose shingles to nail down and moss to scrape off the roof. With metal, you need to apply rust protector. Slate roofing requires little to no maintenance. Occasionally, a slate tile might crack, but an experienced roofer can remove and replace it within a span of a few minutes.

If you're looking for a safe, low-maintenance, attractive roofing option, ask your roofing contractor to tell you more about slate.

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