Avoiding Common Sources Of Damage And Wear To Your Roof

Extending the lifespan of your roof can allow you to reduce the replacement costs that you will have to pay, and it can also help to save the rest of the home from significant damages.

Consider The Benefits Of Sealing The Roof

Sealing the exterior of your roof is a type of work that many homeowners will skip doing. This can put the roof at a much greater risk of suffering damage from moisture. A protective sealant can reduce the ability of the moisture to soak into the tiles, shingles, and other materials that may have been used in your roof. By stopping the moisture from soaking into these surfaces, the risk of rot developing can be drastically reduced.

Always Inspect The Roof Following A Storm

A strong storm moving over your home can cause serious damage to the roof. Unfortunately, a homeowner may assume that any damage to their roof during a storm will result in water stains immediately becoming visible on the ceiling in the house. However, there can be a sizable delay between when the damage to the roof occurs and when these stains appear on the ceiling in the home. This is especially common when these damages are fairly minor as there may not always be a direct path for the water leaking into the home to a visible portion of your ceiling. Conducting a roof inspection following any major storms can identify these problems soon after they develop. This is especially important after storms that produce very high winds or that have large hail. These are two of the most common threats to the shingles and tiles that are covering your roof.

Avoid Going Onto The Roof Yourself

While the roof of your home is technically strong enough to support the weight of multiple people, you should still avoid attempting to go on the roof. In addition to the risk of falling from the roof, it could also be possible to cause major damage to the roof by walking on it. An example of this type of damage could be from your feet disturbing the shingles and tiles, which could allow moisture, pests, and other potential sources of damage into the roof. Whenever your roof needs work done to it that will require someone to go onto it, a professional roofing contractor should be hired as they will have the experience and equipment needed to be able to safely walk and work on the roof without risking damage to the shingles or tiles.