3 Things To Ask A Roofing Contractor About Slate Roofs

Slate can be a wonderful choice when it comes to your new roof. If you are going to retrofit a slate roof onto your existing house, then you should talk to the roofing contractor to get some information before you make the final decision as to whether or not you should get a slate roof. Spending the time to get that information will help you make an informed decision, which is always a good thing. Read More 

Factors That Affect The Overall Cost Of Roof Repair

The average price a homeowner will pay to have a damaged roof repaired is around $650. While this may give you a general idea of how much a roof repair project can cost, many factors can affect the end costs you pay. Most professional roofing contractors will gladly take a look at the damage and give you a general estimate of what the end costs will be so you can budget accordingly. Read More 

These Roofing Oddities Are Actually Problems That Need Repair

What do roof repair contractors do? They replace missing shingles, of course. But in spite of what most homeowners assume, this is not the only thing they do. They also repair a lot of other issues — issues that homeowners do not always realize are a problem at first. If you notice any of these particular quirks or oddities in your own roof, then you should call a roofing contractor. Read More 

Making Repairs To Your Roof Before Winter Weather Sets In

The roof on your home may need some repairs, and making sure that everything is watertight and ready for winter weather is essential. Hiring a roof repair company to inspect the roof and repair any issues it may have is important even if it is not leaking. Roof Inspection When you are hiring a roofing repair company to inspect your home's roof, you need to make sure that they check everything, not just the shingles. Read More 

Built-Up Roofing Systems and How They Can Protect Your Commercial Building

Built-up roofing systems are an excellent solution for commercial buildings, which often have some type of flat roof. These systems are layered, which can provide protection from energy loss, leaks, and damage. If you want to know more about the different roofing options for your property, then the following built-up roofing information will help you decide on the right materials and solutions for your commercial property. Rigid Foam and Roofing Rolls—Rigid foam materials are one of the best options for layered roofing systems. Read More