Repairing Your Leaking Metal Roof

The primary purpose of your metal roof is to shield your property from various weather conditions. However, it can be prone to developing leaks that can cause significant harm to your home's interior. Leakage from a metal roof can lead to mold growth, water stains, and even structural impairment, all of which can be expensive to repair. Thankfully, several efficient repair methods are available to address a leaking metal roof and can help you prevent further water damage to your home. Read More 

Roof Repairs That Might Be Done On Your Flat Roof

No matter what type of roofing material you have on your home's flat roof, you need to keep up with roof repairs so the damage doesn't get worse and lead to bigger problems. If your home has a flat roof, repairs are important because of the risk of water puddling on the roof. Flat roofs drain too, but if drainage is blocked, water might puddle up and cause a roof leak. Read More 

Summer Heat And Your Roof

When the cold weather of winter starts to retreat and temperatures began to rise, it's a good idea to consider how sunny days and high temperatures can affect your asphalt shingle roof. The increased heat of the summer months can have a negative impact on your roof in some situations. Here are some potential issues to watch for when hot weather arrives in your location. UV Radiation The sun produces ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage your roof. Read More 

Why Metal Roofing Is An Environmentally Friendly Option For Your Business

As an eco-minded entrepreneur, you care about the impact your business decisions can have on the environment. Your commercial roofing choices are no exception. Whether you're looking to build a new roof or replace an old one, you'll want your new commercial roof to be an eco-friendly one. While many environmentally friendly roofing options are available on the market, only a few can hold a candle to metal roofing. Read along to discover why metal roofing is a good choice for your business and the environment. Read More 

Roofing Contractor — Hiring Tips For Homeowners

If you notice something severely wrong with your roof, such as a leak or flashing damage, you may need to hire a roofing contractor to fix it. If you use these hiring tips, you can trust this professional the entire time. Make Sure They're Well-Versed in the Appropriate Roofing Material   Residential properties will have different materials on their roofs. Some homes have asphalt shingles while others have metal roofs for instance. Read More