Why Should You Replace An Aging Metal Roof Instead Of Applying A Roof Coating To It?

If you have a metal roof on your home and it looks weathered or is starting to leak, you may have considered trying to restore it using a roof coating. A roof coating is similar to a thick waterproof paint that adheres to the metal on your roof. While applying a coating to your roof will cost less than replacing it, it's often not the best option for a metal roof. To learn why it's a better idea to replace your aging metal roof instead of trying to restore it with a roof coating, read on. 

A Roof Coating Will Crack When Applied to a Metal Roof

One of the biggest downsides of applying a roof coating to a metal roof is that it's prone to cracking. The panels on a metal roof will expand when they're heated by sunlight exposure, and they'll contract when they cool back down during the night. When the panels expand and contract, they'll pull apart the roof coating that's applied to them and cause it to crack.

If a crack goes all the way through the roof coating, rain can get through it and cause your roof to leak. These leaks can also be very difficult to find since the crack in the roof coating may be far away from where water is entering your attic. If you replace your roof instead, you'll have stronger protection against leaks.

A Roof Coating Can Make Your Roof Rust More Quickly

Roof coatings don't allow water vapor to pass through them. Unfortunately, this can be a problem when you're applying a coating to a metal roof. If water gets through the roof coating and comes into contact with a metal panel or fastener on your roof, it will take a very long time to evaporate. This can cause the metal panels or the fasteners on your roof to rust quickly since they'll be in prolonged contact with water.

A Roof Coating Isn't a Long-Lasting Solution

Ultraviolet light from the sun will eventually cause a roof coating to break down, turning it brittle. It will start to come off of the metal panels in small chunks, leaving gaps that expose the metal panels underneath. This will impact the appearance of your roof and make it more vulnerable to leaks. Replacing your roof is a solution that will last much longer than applying a coating.

Ultimately, replacing your metal roof is the best way to renew its appearance and restore its ability to protect your home from heavy rains and high winds. Coating your roof can make it rust more quickly, and it can also lead to leaks that are hard to find if the coating cracks. If you have an old metal roof on your home, call a metal roofing replacement service in your area instead of trying to salvage it with a temporary roof coating.

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