Why You Must Protect Your Roof From Black Streaks Of Algae

Do you have a roof that is unattractive due to a lot of black streaks covering the asphalt shingles? Although you may be tired of the way the roof looks, your biggest concern should be getting rid of the black streaks because they could be algae spores. Find out below about the harm of algae to asphalt shingles, as well as what a roof repair will cost. Why Should Algae Spores Be a Concern to Asphalt Shingles? Read More 

Inspect The Roof Before Moving In: Look For These Ominous Signs

There are seemingly countless factors that affect the price of a home. Neighborhood safety, Proximity to schools and work, and the design of the home's interior are among the factors familiar to most prospective buyers. There are, however, several other factors that may greatly affect the value you get in a new home. Because the roof is one of the most crucial areas of the home for safety, energy efficiency, and curb appeal, it's easy to see why the roof's condition can impact the home's value to a staggering degree. Read More 

Sometimes They Come Back! How To Effictively Kill Algae Streaks On Your Roof

Algae growing on your roof can cause nightmares. You kill the stuff, but it often returns--like the living dead! Its return is very common if you live in an area with warm, humid summers. Don't let that algae become your horror story; learn how to kill it and keep it from coming back. You can do it by following a few simple tips. Kill It Safely With Oxygen Bleach The old standard of cleaning roof algae is to use chlorine bleach, but this can discolor your shingles. Read More 

How To Decide If Your Concrete Roof Tiles Really Need Sealing Or Coating

Many homeowners invest in concrete roof tiles because they hear these materials offer a long lifespan. There are countless companies that will tell you that a concrete roof becomes leaky if it's not sealed every few years, but this claim isn't strictly true. Learn how to decide between the cost of cleaning and coating or living with a roof that's still in great shape. Porosity Concerns Companies that insist you need their services will say that the porosity of unsealed concrete tiles threatens the health of your roof. Read More 

Four Solutions To Give Your A Durable, Energy Efficient Commercial Roof

If you have a commercial building, the roof of your business can be the source of a lot of wasted energy. The older roofing on commercial buildings was heavy asphalt coatings that were not energy efficient and could be costly to repair. Today, there are many more options for a commercial roof for your business, which can give you energy savings, more space and a better roofing solution for your business. Read More