How To Install Plastic Protective Covers Over Your Gutters

Gutters collect more than water – they also collect leaves, twigs, and other debris. A couple of times every year many homeowners have to either hire someone to clean out their gutters, or they have to climb up ladders to do it themselves. An alternative to letting debris build up in the gutters is to install a protective cover that lets in the water, but keeps the debris out. Here is how you can install plastic protective covers over your gutters. Read More 

Water on a Flat Roof: What You Should Know

Have you noticed that there are dull yellow stains on the ceiling on your house? If you have a flat roof, there may be puddles of water sitting on it that must be removed before your home suffers even more damage. Here is what you should know about water on a flat roof. What Leads to Water Accumulating on a Flat Roof? Although water sitting on any type of roof can cause damage, it is worse when on a flat roof. Read More 

Making Repairs To A Foam Roof

If you have a foam roof coating covering your home, you are most likely enjoying the savings on energy costs it provides. Foam roofing helps your home to retain warm air in cooler temperatures and will act as a barrier against the blazing sun during warmer months. In time, you may notice a few rips or tears in your foam roofing from normal weathering and aging. When these are noticed, they should be repaired immediately so you do not compromise with your efficiency and to help keep water from leaking inside your home. Read More 

3 Forms Of Maintenance Metal Roofs Need

If you are getting ready to replace your roof with a metal roof, you should be aware of the maintenance and care your new roof will require. While metal roofs have many advantages over other types of roofs, they can still experience problems if they are not cared for. Here are three tips to help you keep your new metal roof strong, durable, and looking good. Remove Debris Regularly It's quite normal for debris to land on the roof of a house, but leaving debris on your metal roof can damage it. Read More 

Roofer Roofing Problems in Cold and Wet Weather

Weather and climate have a big effect on the integrity, maintenance, and longevity of your roof. If you live in a cold and wet climate, then your roof may develop problems that roofs in warmer climates do not have. This is mainly due to the temperature and its associated issues such as snow and ice. Some of the roof complications that can be attributed to such places include the following? Read More