Snow And Roof Damage: Common Problems and Solutions

Accumulation of snow on your roof can cause damage, from expanding minor leaks to complete roof collapse. It is therefore a good idea to assess the condition of your roof before winter arrives. A few points of concern include: Existing leaks Snow can accelerate the expansion of a leak as it melts and then refreezes between the roof and ceiling. You should check carefully for possible sources of minor leaks. These include cracked, broken, or missing tiles, protruding or missing roofing nails, and loose flashing around abutments and roof edges. Read More 

Felt Vs. Synthetic Underlayment

When constructing a new roof, you and your contractor have several decisions to make, including what type of underlayment to use. The underlayment is beneath the shingles and helps to protect against leaks. Before making your decision, you need to know the pros and cons of each option you have.  Felt Underlayment Felt underlayment is used by many homeowners because it is considered to be the most affordable option. The underlayment consists of paper that has been combined with another material, such as asphalt or fiberglass. Read More 

Common Wood Fence Maintenance Questions Answered

A fence is one of the most basic ways of securing your property's borders. In particular, wood fences are particularly common because of their affordability and aesthetics. However, these fences can encounter various types of damage that can compromise their structural integrity and appearance. By having the following questions about routine sources of damage to wood fences answered, you will have a better idea how to keep your fence in pristine condition for years to come. Read More 

3 Benefits Provided By A Copper Roof

One of the best improvements that you can make to your home is replacing your roof, mostly because a new roof can provide you with many benefits. Out of all of the roofing materials available to you, copper is one of the most beneficial because it is environmentally friendly, has a very long lifespan, and can protect your home in the event of a fire. Environmentally Friendly One of the biggest benefits provided by a copper roof is that it will make your home quite a bit more environmentally friendly. Read More 

Infrared Imaging: Roof Leak Detection Goes High-Tech

You probably know that buckling shingles, algae growth, rot, and ceiling spots are signs of a leaking roof. However, you will not see these symptoms at the early stages of the damage. If you want to detect early signs of water leak before it causes damage, then turn to technology. Roofing technicians who have embraced technology employ infrared imaging, a leak detection method that involves scanning the roof with a device that detects infrared radiation (radiant energy invisible to the naked eye): Read More