3 Ways To Find A Roof Leak

The roof over your head acts as your home's first line of defense against the outside environment. A roof that starts to leak can pose a serious risk to the structural integrity of your home. Leaking roofs can result in damaged wiring and rotted beams over time. Before you can invest in the repairs needed to prevent your roof from leaking, you need to be able to identify where the leak is coming from. Read More 

Is Your Roof Leaking? Here Are 3 Reasons This Could Be Happening

Roof leaks are a nuisance and might signify other hidden roofing issues, such as missing shingles and deteriorating flashing. And if you fail to patch the leaks in good time, they will cause mold development and damage the deck. So, if you have discovered a leak on your roof, seek professional roof repair services immediately. This guide will also enlighten you on the reasons behind roof leaks, enabling you to take the necessary preventative measures. Read More 

The Basics Of Roof Ventilation

Were you aware that having proper attic ventilation can help extend your roof's lifespan? If so, you will need to know about the basics of roof ventilation and the different types of vents that are available to you.  Active Vents Vs Passive Vents Attic vents are going to be described as active vents or passive vents. An active roof vent is going to have some sort of action that helps draw the air out from your attic, such as a spinning turbine. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Inspecting A Roof Before You Buy A Home

You usually have at least one home inspection report before you buy a new property. While useful, these reports don't always give you the depth of information you need. For example, general reports might not flag problems with your potential new home's roof. At this stage, it pays to hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect the roof for you. Why? 1. Get an Expert View of the Roof's Condition Read More 

Replacing Your Roof? 7 Steps You Can Expect To Happen

Do you need a roof replacement? This is a major investment of time and money for most homeowners. And the best way to ensure you use your money wisely is to understand what's involved in a roof replacement. Here are the major steps your contractor will undertake. 1. Take Off Old Materials Most full replacements start with the removal of all the old shingles. In general, you must replace the shingles because these are the most susceptible to weather and sun exposure. Read More