Water on a Flat Roof: What You Should Know

Have you noticed that there are dull yellow stains on the ceiling on your house? If you have a flat roof, there may be puddles of water sitting on it that must be removed before your home suffers even more damage. Here is what you should know about water on a flat roof.

What Leads to Water Accumulating on a Flat Roof?

Although water sitting on any type of roof can cause damage, it is worse when on a flat roof. The harm comes from the water not being able to fall off of your house as with a sloped roof. Rainwater can accumulate and form large puddles that lead to mold growth. Eventually, the water and mold deteriorate the roof deck, which is how you ended up with discoloration on the ceiling from water seeping in.

Rainwater is not able to fall off of a flat roof, but it can be sent into drain outlets. A flat roof is built with a slight slope that you can barely notice. The slope leads to multiple drain outlets that can prevent puddles from forming, but the outlets must be clean in order for them to function. Using a trowel to remove leaves, dirt, and trash from out of the drains outlets should be done on occasion. You should hire a professional to clean the outlets if you are afraid of heights.

What Should Be Done about Water Damage on a Flat Roof?

A roofer will have to inspect the exterior of the roof, as well as the space that lies between it and the ceiling. He or she will make sure that a busted pipe is not the reason for water damage. If there are holes in your roof, the roofer may be able to patch them up. However, if water has been sitting on the roof for a long time, it may have made the roof deck soggy and unsafe.

If you have to replace your flat roof, the price will depend on what it is being replaced with. For instance, you are looking to spend up to $8,400 for a professional to remove an old roof and install a sloped one with asphalt shingles. The overall price will depend on the complexity of the task and who is hired. Speak to a roofer like Allen Roofing & Construction Inc as soon as possible so it can be determined if your flat roof should be repaired or replaced!