4 Important Residential Flat Roofing Services You Should Regularly Schedule

Today, many modern residences have a flat roof. If you live in a house with a flat roof, you need to know about the different services that you should schedule on a regular basis. After all, your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and it needs to be well-maintained so that it can protect your home from the elements. Some of the maintenance services you should schedule include inspections, sealing, cleaning, and repairs. Read More 

An In-Depth Review Of Common Roof Repairs

One of the main conditions that many homeowners address regularly involves the roof. Roof repair can be costly; in severe cases, you are better off with a new roof. To extend your roof's longevity, you take care of repairs right away. Here is a list of common roof repairs. Roof Leaks Roof leaks are easy to spot, but some may be concealed and manifest over time. In some cases, water may travel far from the leaking point, making it difficult to identify the source of the leak. Read More 

4 Common Causes Of Residential Roofing System Damage

Before solving a problem, you need to get to the root of it, or else it will happen again. So if you have a roofing issue such as a leak, you should seal it immediately—but, more importantly, you should try to identify its cause. That way, you will avert subsequent leaks and other roofing challenges. This article looks at popular residential roofing issues and how a professional roofer can help you address them. Read More 

4 Factors That Determine How Much You Will Spend To Reroof

Replacing a roof is a complex construction process that needs a lot of capital. Every home has its unique needs and specifications when it comes to roof replacement. It means you might not find a similar quotation as your neighbor when replacing your roof, even if your home has a similar style. It is always advisable to have a competent roofing contractor overseeing the installation process to determine which costs are necessary and which ones you can adjust. Read More 

Why Many Commercial Roofs Are Flat

While potential homeowners often have a variety of roof options for their homes, many commercial roofs tend to have flat roofs. Below are some of the reasons commercial roofs are usually flat. Low Cost Flat roofs are relatively inexpensive to install compared to pitched roofs. A flat roof will have a lower surface area than a pitched roof even if the two roofs cover equal square footage. The surface area determines the number of roofing materials you need for a house. Read More