4 Issues That Homeowners May Face With Their Slate Roofing

Many roof options exist in the market, but not all are equal. This is why it is crucial to research extensively and find one that best suits your area's climatic conditions and your home's aesthetic needs. A popular choice among many homeowners is the slate roof, and with good reason. To begin with, it has a unique look that sets it apart from certain other materials. In addition, it provides effective protection against inclement weather. However, even with these and numerous other benefits, slate roofs also experience problems. Check out a few below that require the intervention of a roofing professional:

A Splitting Slate Layer

As your slate roof nears the end of its lifespan, the layers start to split in a process known as delamination. This generally happens when water that the tile absorbs freezes and expands during the winter, resulting in the slate layers separating and flaking off. If you fail to address this problem in time, it can cause more problems with your roof, including water leaks and the breaking of tiles.

Roof Flashing Damage

Around the slate roof's protruding components, flashing helps prevent water from entering your home when it rains. Since the flashing is constructed from metal, it is susceptible to corrosion over time. You need to seek the help of an expert for routine inspections of your roof and its components. This ensures that any flashing issues are addressed in time to prevent moisture damage that would likely necessitate replacing the roof.

The Slate Roof Slipping

Another issue you may experience with your roof is the slipping of the slate tiles. This mainly occurs due to the corrosion of nails used to fasten the material. As such, the problem is more common with older roofs that were installed with low-resistance nails. A slate roof can also slip if the batten, which is the wooden lath where the slate tiles rest, starts to rot. This may be the case with roofs comprising untreated wood.

Damage From Weather Conditions

Over the years, your roof will endure harsh weather conditions like snow, hail, and intense winds. Consequently, the slate tiles may become weak, particularly if you don't call a roofer for an inspection after inclement weather. The slate may then fall out or break during a subsequent storm. This issue may also occur if the slate tiles were laid poorly, e.g., during a non-professional installation. Nonetheless, regardless of the reason behind the damage, you should engage professional roof repair experts to prevent water damage in your home.

When you install a slate roof, you may expect to deal with any of the issues mentioned above. On the first sign of these and similar roofing problems, contact your roofing contractor to prevent extensive damage that may necessitate roof replacement.