Take Problems With Roof Valleys Seriously

Many roofs have valleys where two parts of the roof come together. These valleys are generally lined with flashing, which is metal sheeting designed to offer superior water protection. Shingles are layered over the flashing so you can just see a few inches of flashing exposed beneath them. This structure does make roof valleys more durable against the large amounts of water that tend to flow through them. However, it does not make them impervious to damage. Below, learn the signs of damage in roof valleys, what to do about them, and why having such issues repaired is so important.

What are the signs of damage in a roof valley?

Look at your roof valleys after every big storm. If you see any shingles lifted up where they border the flashing, this is a red flag. Other signs of damage in this area include missing shingles, curling shingles, and shingles that are cracking or chipping away. You may also see damage to the flashing itself. It might be raised in one area, or it may have a large rust spot or peeling area.

Why is it important to repair damage in roof valleys?

As mentioned before, a lot of water runs through roof valleys every time it rains. So, if there is damage in the roof valleys, you will soon have leaks to contend with. Damage to roof valleys also tends to spread rather quickly. Once water seeps past the flashing and down to the roof deck, the roof deck can start to rot. This, in turn, puts other shingles at risk of damage. Before long, a lifted shingle or piece of flashing has transformed into a whole patch of missing shingles and damaged flashing.

How are damaged roof valleys fixed?

A roofer will come to take a look at the valley and recommend the best repairs. In many cases, they'll just replace the missing shingles or damaged flashing. But if they discover more damage to the roof deck while they are up there, they may need to do a more extensive repair that involves removing and replacing the rotten wood. This is a major repair, so if your roof also shows damage in other areas, you may want to consider replacing the whole thing at this point.

Don't ignore damage in your roof valleys. As long as you catch it early, repairs can be pretty simple and inexpensive. You don't want to give the damage time to spread and worsen.

To have your roof inspected, contact a residential roof repair service in your area.