Everything You Need To Know About Inspecting Shakes And Repairing Wood Roofing

Wood shakes can be an interesting addition to your roof. They can also be very durable but will require proper care and the occasional repair. With good maintenance, a shake roof can last for decades with only a minimal amount of repairs. Here is everything you need to know about the care of your new wood shake roofing: 1. Look For Signs Of Fungus Problem And Address The Issue Read More 

Building A Home? Consider These Trends And Innovations For The Roof

When building a home, you have the luxury of being able to customize it in the way that you want it. One area that you will have creative freedom with is the roof. While the roof is not typically thought of as one of the exciting parts of building a home, it is very important to how a home looks. That's why you should consider the following trends and innovations in roofing when coming up with ideas for your house. Read More 

What Damage to Look for on an Asphalt-Shingle Roof

A slow leak in a roof may never cause enough damage to show up on the inside of your home. A drip of water may run for a few feet down a roof joist before it is absorbed into the wood. You might not even realize you have a problem until you go into your attic and smell or see signs of rot, or you might see that your roof decking is sagging between the joists. Read More 

Successfully Remove Moss From Asphalt Shingles On Your Home’s Rooftop

Moss growth on a rooftop can weigh down roofing materials and cause them to become damaged. If your home is located in a shady area that receives a lot of rain throughout the year and moss has begun to grow on some of the asphalt shingles as a result, remove it by completing the following steps. Once the moss has been eliminated, protect the roofing materials from new moss growth. Materials Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider Aluminum Siding

Installing siding on your home is a great way to protect it and improve your home's curb appeal, but it can often be difficult to choose between the various types of siding because they all offer their own unique benefits and advantages. Listed below are just a few reasons to consider aluminum siding. Moisture Resistant One of the biggest killers of wood siding is moisture. Over time, moisture can cause the wood siding to rot and fall apart, which can lead to some very costly repairs or replacement siding. Read More