Chimney Cleaning Answers For You To Review

Chimney maintenance and care will often start with having it cleaned on a regular basis. Despite the importance of this type of chimney maintenance, it is common for people to allow far too much time to pass between cleanings as a result of limited information.

What Happens If A Chimney Is Not Regularly Cleaned?

Failure to have the chimney cleaned can lead to potentially hazardous performance problems. One of the most noticeable side effects of this mistake may be poor ventilation as the soot in the chimney can start to restrict the movement of air through it. This can also be extremely damaging to the chimney over the course of time as the soot that may accumulate can be highly acidic and corrosive.

Can You Clean Your Own Chimney?

You might think that cleaning your own chimney will be a fairly simple task. However, it can be extremely difficult to reach the full length of the chimney and to ensure that all of the soot has been removed. Furthermore, it can be dangerous for a person to attempt to work without the right training as it will require them to be on the roof of the house for much of the process.

Is Having Your Chimney Cleaned A Messy Process?

It can be easy to think that having a chimney cleaned will always be a very messy process. However, professional chimney cleaners will take great care to minimize the amount of soot and ash that gets in your home or on your home's exterior. This is done through the placing of tarps that will collect any soot and ash that is accidentally spilled on the roof. To prevent this for the interior of the home, the fireplace will be sealed until the work is completed.

Is An Inspection Always Included With A Chimney Cleaning?

Homeowners will often assume that a chimney cleaning will always include a thorough inspection.  However, this is not the case as a chimney inspection will require very difficult equipment and expertise than what is needed to clean it. As a result, you might need to schedule a separate service to perform this inspection for you. Individuals will often forgo this type of inspection due to there not being a visible problem with the chimney, but there are many problems that can impact the interior of this part of your home. For example, small cracks in the lining can slowly cause extensive damage to the chimney as well as the portions of the home near the chimney.