Why Fix Scratches On A Metal Roof?

Metal roofs can get scratched. Overhanging tree branches and debris thrown on these roofs in a storm can scrape the surface. If your roof has some scratches, then you should fix the damage. Why?

Scratches Make Your Roof Look Unsightly

If your roof has a lot of scratches on it, then it won't look good cosmetically. Deep scratches might expose the metal under your paint or coating. These scratches can be visible. If you fix your scratches, then you restore your roof's curb appeal. It will enhance your home rather than make it look unmaintained.

Scratches Can Cause Rust Problems

Minor scratches which don't go right through a roof's paint or coating are often just cosmetic problems. However, deeper scratches can cause damage to the surface. If a scratch exposes the bare metal on your roof, then your roof could develop rust problems. This part of your roof won't have any protection from rain. In some cases, repeated long-term exposure to water makes the metal start to corrode. It will eventually rust. Rust on a roof is a bigger problem. You might have to replace parts of your roof if they can't be repaired to prevent the rust from getting worse and spreading.

Dealing with scratches as soon as you notice them could keep corrosion at bay. If you fix the scratch, you restore your roof's protective layer.

Scratches Can Lead to Leaks

Deeper scratches can actually break through the top surface of metal roofs. If this happens, then you could have problems with leaks in your home. Even a tiny hole or break in the metal will let water in through your roof. You might not immediately notice this problem; however, even small leaks can cause damage to your home over time. For example, you could have problems with rot, damp, and mold.

Restoring your roof is important. If you fix the breach in the metal, you make the roof waterproof again.

Scratches Can Cause Warranty Problems

If you have a warranty on your metal roof or its coating, then you might assume that this guarantee will cover any damage to the surface. However, this isn't always true. If you don't fix scratches, and they go on to cause more serious damage, then you might not meet your warranty responsibilities. Your warranty might require you to take basic care of your roof before you can make a claim. If you repair scratches, then you meet these conditions.

If you have scratches on your metal roof, contact roofing maintenance contractors. They can touch-up the damage, buff it out, or repaint and reseal affected parts of your roof.