3 Things To Ask A Roofing Company When You’re Deciding On Repairs Or A New Roof

If your roof needs to be repaired and you're trying to decide whether you should just replace it instead, have a roofing company give you estimates for both jobs and talk to you about your options. A roofing contractor can answer your questions and help you make a decision. Here are things that might be worth discussing. 

1. If The Roofing Company Can Replace Just Half Of The Roof

If most of the damage is on one side of the roof, you might wonder if the roofing company can replace one side of the roof so you have time to save money for the other side to be done later. While this will cost less initially, you'll probably end up paying more by the time the roof is finished. Doing each half as a single job will probably cost more since each would have its own fees associated with it. For instance, you'll need two permits, and two orders plus shipping for supplies. The roofing contractor can explain the costs associated with doing your roof half at a time so you can make the best choice for your budget.

2. If You Can Leave The Old Roof In Place

You've probably heard people talk about putting new shingles on top of an old roof to lower the cost. If you can get the cost of your new roof low enough, you might have enough money to put a new roof on rather than spend the money on repairs. This is done sometimes, but there are cases where this isn't possible. Two layers of roofing are the limit, so if your roof already has two layers of roofing, you can't add a third layer.

Also, the roof can't have water damage. If the deck has water damage or if too many shingles are damaged, you'll probably need a new roof. The roofer can explain the pros and cons of leaving the old roof in place. They'll also let you know how much money that would save so you can decide if the savings are worth the risk of the roof failing early.

3. If A Roof Coating Is A Reasonable Option

If you're worried about investing in repairs and the good side of your roof failing before you've gotten value from the repairs, talk to your roofer about whether a roof coating is a good option. Your roofing company might put a coating over the entire roof once repairs are done.

The coating helps seal the roof and make it watertight. It also extends the life of old shingles. Plus, a coating isn't too expensive, especially compared to putting on a new roof. A coating might help your roof last long enough so you can save money for a full replacement in a few years.

Contact a local roofing company to learn more.