Follow These Pro Tips To Get Your Roof Through The Winter In Excellent State

Winter is one of the most challenging times when it comes to maintaining your home. This is because the low temperatures, blizzards, and snow affect your house in many ways. Note that since the roof is the protective cover over your home, it is the part most likely to get damaged in the storm. However, if you prepare well, you can minimize the effects of the harsh winter on your roof. Here are a few pro tips and guidelines you will find helpful.

Prevent the Formation of Ice Dams

The biggest threat to the structural integrity of your roof during the cold months is ice dams. Note that they occur when the ice on top of your roof melts because of an increase in temperature. Moreover, since the melting is followed by a drop in the temperatures, this causes re-freezing. When this happens, your roof becomes a trap for icy water, which will slowly damage the roofing material and weaken it. With time, the moisture might even penetrate the house and cause water damage or leaks. However, you can stop this by removing snow before it accumulates on the roof. On the other hand, if your roof already has ice dams, you can use ice melt to break down the chunks and let them flow down.

Get a Snow Roof Rake

Snow can be heavy, and your roof will eventually buckle from handling all that weight for months. As such, you should get a roof rake to remove the snow from your roofing structure. Note that some models have wheels on the head to make them mobile. They also have long poles and large heads. You can extend one because it is long and light, which makes the task of removing snow easier. Ultimately, one of the best ways to avoid ice dams and reduce stress on your roof is by using these rakes to clean out snow from the rooftop.

Trim the Long Tree Limbs

Another hazard to the safety of your roof in the winter is tree limbs. Hence, consider removing all the limbs that extend over your rooftop, as they can lead to the formation of icicles. Further, the branch loaded with snow can snap and fall onto your rooftop, creating structural damage in your home. However, you can prevent all this by trimming problematic limbs.

These are some considerations when preparing your home for the cold season. Get a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and let you know whether you need any maintenance and repairs to preserve it over the cold season. For more information, contact a company such as Sweers Eavestrough and Roofing Co, Inc.