Why You Should Coat Your Roof With EPDM

All roofing materials have benefits and limitations. However, all materials wear out with time and constant exposure to the elements. That said, if your roof is worn out but not damaged enough to warrant a replacement, you can restore it by coating it with polymers. Note that EPDM is one of the best coating systems that you can use to add a layer of roofing protection. Ultimately, adding the layer to your roof can give it extra decades of service. Here's everything you need to know about the material.

It Enhances the Roof's Durability

The first benefit of an EPDM coat is that it increases the current roofing material's longevity. This is because introducing a single extra layer of the roofing material adds significant thickness to the original roof. Moreover, the additional layer acts as improved protection from harsh weather elements. Hence, a roof with this coating can withstand a hailstone without getting bent or suffering significant damage. However, the same might not happen with asphalt shingles and many other materials. As a result, the sturdiness means fewer instances of calling the repair contractor for emergency services.

Excellent Way to Seal a Leak in the Roof

Adding EPDM to a deteriorating roof is an excellent way to seal it against leaks. This is especially the case if you don't have the budget to install a new roof. In this case, your roofing contractor can help seal the leaks by applying a layer of EPDM over problematic areas. These include areas with streaks of light inside the house, water damage, and mold stains. Hence, the layer on top of the existing material will cover openings where water might seep into the home. Ultimately, this is a simple and effective way to stop the deterioration rooted in a weak, leaking roof.

Better Insulation Quality

The coating also offers a better quality of insulation than many other materials in the market. This is because it can insulate your home against both heat and sound. This is because the material is a poor sound conductor, which means noises from the rain and people outside will not end up in the home as fast as when you have other materials. Given this, adding the coating transforms your home into a quiet haven. In addition, the roof is a poor conductor of heat, which minimizes heat transfer from the environment into the house. This way, your indoor space will not be unnecessarily hot during the summer or lose heat in the winter.

As you can see, there are many benefits that come with coating your current roof with EPDM. So, talk to a roofing contractor and see what information they have to offer about using this material for repairs. Note that spraying takes as little as a day, and you get a strong, energy-efficient, and durable roof after the layer dries up. For more information on roofing, contact a professional near you.