Commercial Flat Roof? 4 Things You Should Know About Them

Today, many commercial property owners prefer flat roofs over other options. This is because the available updates and roofing options make them more energy efficient and less prone to leaks. Given this, you may also want to install a flat roof on your commercial premise. However, if you are not yet convinced that this is the right choice, here are a few important facts you should know. 

They Can Help Minimize Your Energy Use

You will be pleased to know that you stand to make huge savings when you opt to install a flat roof instead of a pitched option. First, this roof option uses a membrane system that your roofer will install on a rigid sheet of insulation. This presents an advantage over other roofs that use cavity insulation, where roofers stuff insulation blankets along ceiling joists. This is because rigid insulation does not have gaps which lead to minimal air leaks. As such, your area of business will stay warm in the cold season and cool in the hot season. Doing so will help you minimize your reliance on artificial heating and cooling, hence reducing energy costs.

They Are Versatile

When you use the services of a flat roof installation expert, you can maximize the indoor and outdoor space in your building. One way to do this is by installing solar panels or a storage unit on your roof. In addition, you will have more than enough space to install your air conditioning unit. This way, you can save valuable space for your business needs, such as expanding your premises. 

They Can Last a Long Time With Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance can help extend the life of your commercial flat roof. As such, you must schedule a roof inspection once a year following the installation or after inclement weather. During the check, your roofer will assess for damage, such as punctures from falling branches and blistering of the roof membrane. In case of damage, they'll make the necessary repairs to ensure that you don't have to deal with major damage down the road.

They Have a Pitch

Unknown to many, the flat commercial roof isn't entirely flat. This is because your roofer must ensure a slope to drain water effectively. More so, the design will prevent water from pooling on your roof and causing damage. That said, you will be pleased to know the pitch won't affect your roof design and effectiveness. The slope will be slight and hard to notice after an expert installation. 

Flat roofs are a great choice in commercial buildings because of their great aesthetic appeal and versatility. However, the only way to reap such benefits is by seeking the help of a professional commercial roofing contractor for the installation. 

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