Your Roofer Will Answer Questions And Help You Through The Process Of Getting A New Roof

If your home needs a new roof, you may not know what to expect with the process. You've probably seen other homes getting new roofs, but since roofs last for so long, this could be the first time you've had to replace an old roof. Here are things to know. 

Allow Plenty Of Time

You may not be able to get a roof put on right away. So, don't wait until a bad storm is heading your way to call for a roofer. Several preparations have to be done before the contractor starts work on your home, and the delay could be longer in the summer during the roofing busy season.

It's a good idea to call for your estimate and meet with the roofer several weeks before you want to have the new roof in place. That way the contractor has time to get the permit, order supplies, and fit you into their schedule.

Talk To Your Roofer About Quality And Durability

High-quality roofing is more costly, but it is more durable, needs fewer repairs, and lasts longer than economical roofing. Of course, you need to match the roofing materials to your budget, but if you can afford quality roofing, you may want to buy the best roofing you can afford. This might be metal standing seam panels, clay tiles, or luxury-grade asphalt shingles.

Your roofer can help you compare roofing material options and their good and bad points so you can select the right new roofing for your home.

Understand There Could Be Weather Delays

Roofers need to stop work if it begins raining. They may also need to stop during the winter if the temperature gets too cold or if it snows. Weather delays are common for roofers, so don't be surprised if it takes a little longer to get your roof put on than estimated.

It's too dangerous to work on a roof when it's raining and slick. Plus, lightning can be dangerous for the work crew if they're on the roof. Fortunately, rain delays often happen in the summer when the days are long and a wet roof dries out fast, so the crew can often work around a rain storm and not get too far behind.

Expect Your Roofer To Clean Up Afterward

If you're worried about your dog or child finding bits of roofing or nails in the yard when the work is done, you'll be happy to know the crew takes care to clean your yard when they finish the work. A dumpster is placed in your driveway to collect all the old materials from your roof and the area is swept with a magnet to pick up stray nails.

Once the dumpster is hauled off, your yard will be in its original state, but your roof will be new, attractive, and ready to protect your home from rain for many years.

Contact a local roofing company, such as J and K Roofing, to learn more.