Composite Shingles: Learn Why You Should Install Them In Your Home

If you live in an older home or your roof has a lot of damage due to water leaks, roof replacement should be your top priority. However, changing your roofing can be an overwhelming process because you'll need to select from many roofing options. That said, if you're spoiled for choice on the right roof option for your home, try the asphalt composite shingles. 

Unlike most roofing materials, this roofing material is environmentally friendly and durable. This is because the manufacturing process of these shingles involves using different materials like fiberglass and paper products. Here's why you should call a roof installation professional to install this roof in your home.

Composite Shingles Last A Long Time

Unlike asphalt shingles, composite shingles are lightweight, but this doesn't mean that they are not durable. During the construction process, manufacturers use different materials. They even add an additive to provide your roof with protection against UV damage. This means that your roof will remain in great shape for a long time. Also, with proper installation, these roofing materials offer protection against high-speed, strong winds. So, they are an excellent choice for areas that experience severe storms.

The Shingles Are Resistant To Fire Damage

Composite shingles have better resistance against fire outbreaks. So, you can be sure you won't have to deal with major damage after such an incident. Therefore, before installation, ensure that your roofer invests in shingles with the Class-A Rating. As mentioned earlier, manufacturers use different materials during the construction of composite shingles. That's why they offer different levels of protection. 

The Shingles Need Less Maintenance

Once you install composite shingles, they need less maintenance throughout their lifetime. This is because the roof is resistant to stains, mold, and algae growth. If the roof fills up with debris, you can use a power wash to remove it. Sometimes the shingles can get minor damage after prolonged exposure to inclement weather. While this is the case, their layering and structure make them easy to replace.

They're Eco-Friendly And Aesthetically Pleasing

Since composite shingles are a by-product of recycled materials, they can help protect the environment. This is because they minimize the waste that ends up in landfills. Additionally, composite shingles come in many styles and colors, so you have a wide selection that can suit your home's aesthetic needs.

Composite shingles offer great protection to your home against inclement weather. So, you should get an experienced residential roof replacement expert to carry out the installation. This way, you won't have to deal with major roof problems down the road. 

For more information about residential roofing replacement, contact a local company.