Is Your Roof Leaking? Here Are 3 Reasons This Could Be Happening

Roof leaks are a nuisance and might signify other hidden roofing issues, such as missing shingles and deteriorating flashing. And if you fail to patch the leaks in good time, they will cause mold development and damage the deck. So, if you have discovered a leak on your roof, seek professional roof repair services immediately.

This guide will also enlighten you on the reasons behind roof leaks, enabling you to take the necessary preventative measures. 

Loss or Breakage of the Shingles or Tiles  

Shingles are the top layer of your roof that protects the plywood sheath. Therefore it is easy to tell when some are broken or missing. Usually, this issue arises after a stormy season accompanied by strong winds. The exposed layer will start deteriorating, leading to roof leaks. 

Those living in not-so-rainy areas may not be spared from this problem either. The constant change in weather can still wear down the protective layers making your roof experience dry rotting. Bare spots on the rooftop and granule accumulation in the gutters also indicate that some shingles are missing. Contact your roof repair contractor as soon as you notice these issues. 

 Booting or Cracking of the Vents

Gases and fumes from your home's indoors are usually expelled outdoors through the roof vents. To ensure the longevity of this crucial roofing component, installing boots is crucial. But this covering might wear down with time, and your roof will start leaking before you know it. 

This is usually signified by peeling paint in vented rooms. Shingles around the vents also become ineffective. Additional signs of something wrong in the vent boot include a broken seal, loose nails, and rust or cracks on the collar.

Clogging of the Gutters  

When your gutters clog, you might notice debris and small branches at the downspout end of the gutter system. Apart from that, you will also note little or no water flowing into the downspouts. This issue often results in water back-up and may also damage the eaves. Eventually, your roof will start leaking if not addressed in good time. 

Aging of the Roofing Material 

Once the roofing material reaches its prime age, leaks will become recurrent. Furthermore, a leaking roof can manifest through a damp ceiling. So if leaks have become a headache, your roofer might suggest replacing the roofing system altogether. A roof replacement will save you a lot of money in unending repairs and give you peace of mind. 

The above information can help you identify early signs of roof leaks, thus saving you thousands of dollars on repairs. So if you notice any of them, reach out to a qualified roofer as soon as you can to keep your home well protected. 

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