4 Common Causes Of Residential Roofing System Damage

Before solving a problem, you need to get to the root of it, or else it will happen again. So if you have a roofing issue such as a leak, you should seal it immediately—but, more importantly, you should try to identify its cause. That way, you will avert subsequent leaks and other roofing challenges. This article looks at popular residential roofing issues and how a professional roofer can help you address them. 

The Unfriendly Weather Elements

While you have no control over the weather, keeping an eye on the situation is important. Different weather elements have different effects. The sun, for instance, tends to cause the shingles to dry out, resulting in cracks. On the other hand, the wind can rip off the edges, leaving the shingles loose and curled up. 

Some extreme weather elements such as hail and hurricanes can cause extensive damage to the roof, prompting a complete roof replacement. If your region experiences inclement weather, work closely with a professional roofing contractor. They will help you explore roofing solutions that can withstand adverse weather effects. And through regular inspections, they can identify weather-related issues and resolve them in time. 

Overlooking the Roof's Maintenance Needs 

The roof is probably one of the most ignored parts of a home. So often, homeowners identify issues when it's too late, and damage is done. Given your roof's huge role, it deserves all the attention. As earlier mentioned, you should inspect your roof after severe weather like hailstorms, high winds, and thunderstorms. You must also attend to any developing issues such as leaks and shingle damage on time to ensure that your roof functions effectively. 

Unprofessional Cost-cutting DIY Installations

Another common cause of roof damage is improper installations. Taking up a roof installation project without professional help can lead to many errors that are usually costly to repair. For instance, if the nailing is improperly done or the shingles are not properly aligned, you will invite more problems. Besides, you will likely use the wrong roofing material and sealants in a DIY installation. Therefore to be safe, you need to hire an expert roofing installation company to assist with the installation.

Small Animals Perching on the Roof 

Though birds and other small animals that perch on your roof may seem harmless, you shouldn't ignore them. In their quest to look for food, birds can tear away your roof shingles and vents, leaving room for leaks. Additionally, their nests retain water, encouraging corrosion and rot of the roof material. 

Generally, the roof is prone to damage since it's the first line of defense in the building. So to minimize the damage and keep your repair and replacement costs under control, invest in professional residential roofing services such as Select Exteriors.