PVC Roofing Installation? Important Information For Home And Business Owners

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing is not a new product, yet many home and business owners may not fully understand how this product might provide a solution for some of their roofing problems. A type of membrane roofing product, PVC roofing is especially useful for roofs that are flat or insufficiently sloped to allow water to drain freely from the surface. 

PVC roofing for the homeowner 

While most newer homes are designed with adequate levels of roof slope to eliminate standing water problems, many older or heavily renovated homes still have areas with flat or slightly sloped rooflines, such as the roof that protects an enclosed porch. Residential roofs that are not sloped sufficiently to allow installation of shingles or other roofing materials often use a rubberized coating or a combination of rubber or tar paper roofing with sealants to protect against water infiltration. Installing a PVC roof to protect these areas can offer homeowners a much more durable surface, even in areas of the nation where hurricanes or high winds are common. 

PVC roofing for the small business owner

Flat or slightly sloping roof designs are common in older retail, office, and apartment buildings, as well as warehouses, parking garages, and other structures. In addition to increased durability and lifespan over other commercial flat roofing products, PVC roofing can also offer the benefit of increased solar reflectivity which can help business owners enjoy lower heating and cooling bills. 

PVC installation benefits 

Roofing products traditionally used for roofs that are flat or only slightly sloped typically rely on adhesives, tapes, or other fastening systems to hold the roofing material in place and seal out moisture. As these materials age, leaks and areas of deterioration can allow damaging water infiltration to occur. When PVC roofing is installed, however, heat is used to meld the seams together, effectively creating a permanent seal that lessens the risk of water infiltration from occurring, even as the PVC surface ages. 

Home and business owners should also know that PVC roofing materials have a higher rate of fire resistance than many other types of roofing products. This is especially important in areas where wildfire risks or population density numbers create an increased risk of experiencing a damaging fire. If you own a home or business with a flat or slightly sloped roof, PVC roofing may be the roofing material you have been hoping to find. To learn more about PVC roofing and installation, contact a reputable roofing contractor in your area who specializes in PVC roofing installation and services. 

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