Top 3 Benefits Of Having A Flat Roof On Your Commercial Establishment

The biggest issue everyone managing a commercial roof project has to deal with is deciding between a flat and a peaked roof. Each roof design has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can only choose the best style for your locality. Flat roofs have become increasingly popular in the recent past because of the evolution of commercial roofing materials and techniques. Roofing materials like modified bitumen, EPDM (a synthetic rubber roofing membrane), and thermoplastic roof membranes work best when designed in a flat style. Here are the top three benefits you should expect from installing a flat roof over your commercial establishment. 

Cheap to Install

It is always wise to consider the cost and complexity of the installation process when choosing a roofing style. The cost of installing a quality pitched roof is higher than installing a flat roof. Most commercial building owners and managers understand the difference, so they often opt for the flat alternative. Also, savvy business owners know that the best way to maintain a building's roof as cheaply as possible is by ensuring that the project is cheap, right from the installation. 

You Get Usable Roof Space

A flat roof is better than a pitched one because you can utilize the space for other functions. For example, once you have installed the roof, you can create a patio space where employees can sit during their break and have coffee. You could also convert the place into a rooftop garden. If you want to make the building more energy-efficient, you can install solar panels on the flat roof. The space will even come in handy when you need a large, open space for a small office party. 

Expanding Will be Easy

As a business owner, you should always be futuristic when planning and implementing your construction project. Your building might have three levels currently, but if there is a possibility you will need more space in the future, you should make expansion as simple as possible. You can simplify this process by installing a flat roof because it is the easiest to expand. Often, you do not even need to pull it down to expand the building. You would have to pull down the entire pitched roof to expand the structure. 

Flat roofs are a great option for commercial establishments. You should speak to a commercial roofing contractor such as Burwell Construction inc to get a quotation for your roof installation.