Choose The Right Roof For Your Building: The Best Options To Discuss With Your Roofing Contractor

When you need commercial roofing, there are several things to consider. In general, you need to choose the best type of materials for your commercial property and features and improvements to better enhance the building design. The following commercial roofing options are some of the solutions you want to discuss with your commercial roofing contractor:

Solid Flat Built-Up Roofing

One of the first options that you will want to consider for your business is a conventional built-up roof. These roofs are built up with layers of corrugate steel decking, insulated sheathing, and the final layer of roofing. The benefits of built-up roofing are that they give you more choices for the needs of your business and options like insulated sheathing as the decking underlayments. They are also a cost-effective roofing solution if you are looking for a budget-friendly roof for your business.

Conventional Commercial Asphalt Roofing and Alternatives

Another option to consider for your property is a conventional commercial asphalt roof. These are built-up roofing systems that include layers of decking, moisture barriers, asphalt sealants, and aggregate. Although these roofs typically used asphalt and heavy gravels in the past, today, there are alternatives. Lightweight paving materials can be used to replace the aggregate. In addition, they give old commercial buildings looking to replace roofing a green alternative.

EPDM Membrane Roofing

Another option to consider for your property is EPDM roofing materials. These specially designed roofing membranes are a single-layer roofing system that protects your business with lightweight solutions. They are popular choices for small lightweight commercial construction because they allow for lighter construction methods to be used, which reduces the overall costs of new construction. There are many benefits to using EPDM roofing, including their cost, efficiency, and use options.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Today, spray polyurethane foams (SFP) are used for everything from insulation to roofing systems. If you want to find a roofing material that is durable, energy-efficient, and lightweight, then SPF roofing is a good option for your commercial roofing project. The benefits of these SPF roofing systems are the lower costs, efficiency options, and versatility of spray foam. Spray foam can be used to build up the roof's needed watershed and to cover any surface of the structure to protect it from inclement weather.

Certain types of roofs and materials are best suited for different types of buildings, budgets, and climates. Contact a commercial roofing contractor to start discussing the needs of your business when you get ready for a new roof. A commercial roofing contractor can provide additional information.