Recognizing the Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement

Routine roofing inspections are the best way to know when a roof system is failing. However, some homeowners do not get their roofs inspected as recommended and may be shocked when they discover that they need new roof installation services. There are some telltale signs that every homeowner needs to be able to identify. This is because knowing when your roof needs to be replaced can protect you against property damages. The following points represent things that you might notice if it is time to replace your roofs.

1. High Energy Costs

A failing roof system cannot offer the same support that an intact roof offers. This can lead to high energy bills because heat and cool air can exit through compromised areas of the roof. Sometimes repairs can offer temporary relief, but some roofs are too badly damaged for repairs to effectively correct holes.

2. Sagging

Homeowners with sagging roofs need to treat the matter as an emergency. It is a sign that the roof has structural issues and could cave in. This makes it a safety threat, and it is not something that should be postponed. A roofing contractor can inspect and determine the severity of the issue.

3. Leaks

Sometimes this is the first sign that homeowners who need roofing replacements notice. By the time leaks start, roof damages are often in advanced stages. There might be some repairs that can be made to give homeowners a short period of time to prepare for new roof installations. However, a leaking roof is likely near or beyond its lifespan.

4. Changes in the Appearance of Shingles

Intact shingles have a uniform flat appearance. Curled and cupped shingles are a sign that shingles have been compromised by weather events. Sometimes this may happen around the perimeter of homes due to ice dams. Cracked and missing shingles are also problematic because they cannot offer the protection needed. 

5. Age

Every roofing material has an estimated lifespan. At some point, most materials will need to be replaced. Asphalt shingles can last for many years. However, their life expectancy is not as long as some other roofing materials such as metal. There are even differences in the life span of different asphalt shingle products. Some cost more and should last longer than their cheaper counterparts.

If you have questions about your roof, contact roof installation services. They can offer advice about extending the life of your new roof.