Signs You Should Get Professional Roofers To Install A New Roof In Your Home

Roofing is an expensive part of the home construction process. Perhaps the expenses are the reason why people choose to postpone re-roofing for as long as possible. However, ignoring roofing issues comes at a high cost, which might be too difficult to handle. For example, when you neglect your roof for too long, it might collapse during a storm, and when this happens, it leads to massive damage to the appliances inside your home and could also injure people. If your roof is damaged beyond repair, it's advisable to install a new roof.

Here are signs that indicate your roof has deteriorated and that you should call in a roofer as soon as possible for a new roof installation. 

Have Your Shingles Started Curling?

One of the earliest indicators that your roof has problems is when the shingles start curling and getting discolored. Curling happens when they are affected by the cooling and thawing cycles. During the wet season, the shingles absorb water from the rain, and they expand. On the other hand, during the sunny season, the shingles lose moisture and contract. These cycles lead to curling. 

Sometimes, curling is accompanied by discoloration because shingles lose their granules at the end of their lifespan. Call in a roofing contractor for an assessment when you notice these two signs or trouble. 

Is There Light in Your Attic?

Another sign that your roof could be damaged beyond repair is when there is a little light in your attic, and missing shingles often cause it. Sometimes, the shingles might fall apart because they were installed poorly. If your roof is new, but the shingles are falling apart, the installer made mistakes.

However, if your roof is more than ten years old, the shingles could be falling apart because they have been on the roof too long, and the harsh weather elements are tearing them apart. In this case, replacing your roof could be a great idea.

Are Parts of Your Roof Sagging? 

When the roof frame and the truss adequately support a roof, it stands upright regardless of the weather and time of year. If sections of the roof start sagging, it is an indication that either the shingles are disintegrating or the frame underneath is not working as it should. The best thing is to call a roofing contractor as soon as possible to have the roof replaced before a disaster strikes.

These are crucial signs that indicate when your roof is weak and needs replacement. Take your time and choose a competent roofing contractor to help you install a new roof.

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