Five Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Roof

There are many ways to save on roof replacements, but the best savings can be realized by extending the life of your roof. The following tips can help with this.

1. Annual Inspections

A professional inspection by a roof repair contractor can help you catch minor issues before the damage progresses too far to save the roof. Spring and early summer is a good time for a roof inspection. Your roofer can look for age and weather-related damage. If any damage is found, you have plenty of time to have it fixed before winter arrives.

2. Eaves Maintenance

The eaves of your home can be more prone to damage than other areas of the roof, so you should inspect these regularly on your own. Look for holes or cracks in the soffits or fascia boards, as well as signs of rotten wood fascia, missing soffit vent covers, and peeling paint. Patching a hole, applying fresh paint, or fixing a vent can prevent damage from worsening, thus extending the overall lifespan of the roof.

3. Flashing Replacement

The flashing around chimneys and vent stacks on the roof may not last as long as the roof itself. If the flashing begins to fail, moisture can seep beneath it and damage neighboring shingles or cause water damage to the roof cladding below. Replace flashing if it begins to rust, pull up, or warp. This simple repair can add years to the life of your roof, which will save you money in both repair and replacement costs.

4. Roof Cleaning

Tree debris, moss, and mold can all lead to a shorter lifespan for your roof. This debris traps moisture against the roof, which can cause the shingles or even the roof decking to develop rot. Trimming back trees can help reduce both fallen debris and moss growth, but you may need to budget for annual cleanings as well. You can also have your roofer install zinc strips under the roof peak. These strips help prevent the growth of moss and mildew.

5. Prompt Repairs

Even with good maintenance, damage can occur. A torn or missing shingle isn't a big deal as long as you have the damage promptly repaired before moisture can make its way into the roof. Give it a quick visual inspection each month, looking for any obvious damage. If you spot something, call for a quick repair so that the damage doesn't become worse.

Contact a roofing company for more information.