Factors That Affect The Overall Cost Of Roof Repair

The average price a homeowner will pay to have a damaged roof repaired is around $650. While this may give you a general idea of how much a roof repair project can cost, many factors can affect the end costs you pay. Most professional roofing contractors will gladly take a look at the damage and give you a general estimate of what the end costs will be so you can budget accordingly. Nevertheless, here is a look at just a few of the factors that can affect how much you pay to have a damaged roof repaired. 

The Type of Roofing Materials Your Home Has 

The type of roofing material your home is roofed with has a big part to play in the overall costs of performing repairs. Just as it is when you are replacing a roof, certain materials can be more expensive than others. For example, asphalt shingles can be more expensive than metal roofing panels during initial installation. Therefore, if you have a metal roof, you can generally expect that repairing it will be cheaper than repairing asphalt shingles simply because replacement materials may be cheaper for a metal roof. 

The Extent of the Damage to the Roof 

The more damage the roof has sustained, the more it is going to drive up the costs of the repair project. Extensive damage will involve more time, but it can also mean more materials have to be used to do the repairs. For example, if you have a metal roof that has sustained wind damage across a large span of the roof, it is naturally going to mean your costs will be higher than they would be for a single damaged metal panel. Likewise, structural damage that extends deeper than the roofing materials can affect the price. Something like a punctured underlayment beneath the materials will make the costs of repair considerably more.  

The Time the Repair Takes to Complete 

Labor costs for a roofing repair can run anywhere from $45 to $75 an hour, depending on the residential roofer you choose for the job. Typically, roofers do charge by the hour when it comes to roof repair, whereas they may charge a flat rate for the costs of other types of roofing jobs like a roof replacement. Naturally, the more extensive the damage to the roof, the longer the work will take and the more the end cost may be.  

To learn more, contact a roof repair contractor.