These Roofing Oddities Are Actually Problems That Need Repair

What do roof repair contractors do? They replace missing shingles, of course. But in spite of what most homeowners assume, this is not the only thing they do. They also repair a lot of other issues — issues that homeowners do not always realize are a problem at first. If you notice any of these particular quirks or oddities in your own roof, then you should call a roofing contractor.

1. Raised or Wavy Shingles

If you look across the roof, all of your shingles should appear to be flat. If the edges of any of them appear to be raised up, or if the shingles look like they're wavy, this is a sign of damage. Water can easily get under raised shingles and leak in. In fact, the shingles are probably raised because some water did get under there and then freeze. Your roofing contractor may take the damaged shingles off and replace them, or they might use some nails and tar to secure them. The solution they propose will depend on the age of the roof. If the roof will be replaced soon, they'll likely use nails and tar. If the roof needs to last, they'll likely replace the shingles.

2. Particles in Your Gutters or Flower Beds

Have you been finding little, shiny, cube-shaped pebbles in your flower beds or in your gutters? These are actually granules from your shingles. They rinse off over time. A roof starts losing granules the moment it is installed, but only a few at a time. When you start finding a lot of them, this is a sign that some of your shingles are starting to deteriorate. The shingles that the most water runs down are probably losing a ton of granules. Replacing these shingles will help the rest of your roof last longer.

3. Metal Sheeting on the Ground

Did you find a mystery piece of metal sheeting on the ground? You might think it came from the roof, but then you figure your roof is not metal, so that doesn't make sense. But here's the thing: even shingle roofs have some metal around the chimney and in valleys. If this metal comes off, your roofing repair contractor needs to replace it so you don't get leaks.

Roof repair contractors do a lot more than replace shingles. If you have anything strange going on with your roof, give them a call. You're better off safe than sorry.