Built-Up Roofing Systems and How They Can Protect Your Commercial Building

Built-up roofing systems are an excellent solution for commercial buildings, which often have some type of flat roof. These systems are layered, which can provide protection from energy loss, leaks, and damage. If you want to know more about the different roofing options for your property, then the following built-up roofing information will help you decide on the right materials and solutions for your commercial property.

Rigid Foam and Roofing Rolls—Rigid foam materials are one of the best options for layered roofing systems. These are underlayment materials that are the decking for the base of a built-up roof system. After the foam sheathing is installed, the additional layers of roofing materials can then be applied, which include:

  • A moisture barrier or felt paper
  • Asphalt or other sealants for adhesive
  • Bitumen or other rolls of impermeable roofing

These are the additional layers of roofing materials that are installed on top of the rigid foam board. These layered materials are what make up this type of built-up roof system.

Spray Foam Roofs and Impermeable Sealants—Another type of built-up roof system that is installed in layers is a spray foam roof. There are several different layers of a spray foam roof that need to be installed, which include:

  • Decking layer of rigid sheathing like plywood
  • Spray foam layer that builds up the roof
  • Impermeable sealant layer that keeps water out

These are the different layers of a spray foam roof that need to be installed for a durable and leak-resistant roof. Spray foam is an excellent material because it adds strength to buildings and an additional thermal barrier.

Built-up Roofs with Impermeable Roof Membranes—Built-up roofs can also be membrane systems, which can provide the extra benefit of keeping buildings cool if they are lighter colored materials. The built-up layers before the membrane can be installed will include:

  • Rigid foam decking
  • Felt or moisture barrier layer
  • Roofing membrane layer

These are the built-up layers that need to be installed before the roofing membrane is installed on a commercial roof. This system can sometimes be called a cool roof when the lighter colored membrane reflects heat to keep a building cool.

The built-up roof you have installed on your building can reduce energy loss, lower maintenance costs, and prevent common problems with leaks. If you are ready for a new built-up roof, contact built-up roofing contractors and talk to them about these solutions for your property.