Three Reasons To Choose A Roofer That Offers Many Services

When you think it is time to replace your roof, it makes a lot of sense to choose a roofer that offers a range of services besides simply installing a new roof. This type of company usually has expertise in all aspects of roofing for residential homes. The following are a few reasons to seek the advice of this type of professional.

Your roof may not need replacing

A company that both repairs and installs new roofs is more likely to give you the right advice on what your house needs. A business that makes money only on installation may not provide you with estimates for repair work. It may be that your roof, with the proper repairs, has another year or two left before it needs replacing. A company that does both repairs and installations can give you estimates for both, and you can decide what the best choice is for your circumstances.

They can provide estimates for various roof materials

A company that offers many services will have the ability to install a variety of roofing materials. You should take the time to consider other shingle materials and styles than the one you are currently using. You may find that you can get a discount on your homeowner's policy for switching to something else, depending upon the weather in your area. There have likely been new materials developed since your last roof was installed. This can mean a cost savings over the material and style of shingles that are currently on your house.

They will have skilled workers

It takes more than one person to install a roof in a reasonable time frame and to a high standard of quality. A company that offers many services will usually have a well-trained workforce to install the new roof, regardless of the materials used. Likewise, any repairs that are needed can be done professionally. Of course, all of the work will be guaranteed in writing. This type of company will carry workers' compensation for their employees. This is important and is something you should always inquire about. Your homeowner's policy may not cover injuries to subcontractors.

It is possible for a company, usually a small one, to claim to offer many services, but if you inquire for specifics, the answers may be vague. For example, a company that installs a variety of roofing materials should be able to show you a portfolio of work that displays various roofs that have been installed with a variety of shingles and materials. You should not have to take the roofing company's word for it. This type of company will also have a good reputation with the local community and will have many positive testimonials of their service and work.

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