3 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Home’s Gutters In Good Shape

Your home's gutters are responsible for protecting your home from weather damage. The gutters direct rain and debris away from your home so it doesn't succumb to problems such as mildew buildup and wood rot. So it's important to take steps that will help keep your gutters in good shape throughout the years. Here are a few tasks that shouldn't be overlooked:

Designate a Day a Month for Cleaning

Your gutters won't be able to protect your home from excessive rain and moisture if they're full of leaves and debris. And if debris is left to build up inside your gutters, the gutters could become damaged and end up leaking water instead of carrying it away from your home like it's supposed to.

Any leaves and debris that falls onto your roof can slide right down into your gutters. And your gutters are likely to collect debris on their own. So it is important to get up on the roof once a month or so to clean it off so the debris doesn't end up in your gutters. You should also scoop all the leaves and other gunk that's in your gutters while you're at it.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed Year-Round

If there are trees growing near your home, there is a good chance that their leaves and branches can fall off and end up in your gutters throughout the year. And this can result in more for you to clean up as time goes on. Luckily, you can save yourself some time and reduce the wear and tear that your gutters face by keeping your trees trimmed so they don't hang over or near your home. Because sick trees are more vulnerable to breakage and the loss of leaves, you should also have your service provider inspect and test your trees for disease during your trimming appointments.

Schedule Regular Professional Inspections

One of the most important things you can do to keep your gutters in good shape throughout the coming years is to have them professionally inspected on a regular basis. Even minuscule cracks in your gutters could wreak havoc on your home when it rains, but some cracks can be almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. So to ensure that your gutters problems are caught early and fixed before they become too serious, you should have a professional who knows exactly what to look for inspect your gutters once or twice a year.

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