Why You May Want To Consider Replacing Your Old Roof With A Metal One

At some point, the roof on your house is going to need to be replaced. While this may not happen for many years, it is something you need to keep an eye on so you don't end up having to do it in an emergency situation. As long as you perform regular maintenance on it, you should know in advance that the time is getting close, so you can start preparing and get it done before it becomes an absolute necessity. This will give you some time to consider what type of roofing you want when you do have to replace it. Here are a few reasons you should consider going with a metal roof.


A metal roof can last more than 40 years with proper maintenance. In comparison, an asphalt roof will last 18 to 30 years, a rubber roof has up to 16 years, and a bitumen roof is expected to last up to 16 years as well. While a concrete tile roof can last up to 50 years, it is also much heavier and may require some work done to the structure of the roof itself. In addition, tile will be a more expensive option.


Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors to complement your home. Regardless of the color of your house, you can find a metal roofing that will look good with it. In addition, it is possible to have a textured appearance too. You do not have to settle for a plain looking roof. Choose between something that will make a bold statement or go with a simple yet refined look.


Regardless of where you live, a metal roof can withstand the elements. You won't have shingles coming off in high winds, it can protect your home against hail, and is very good at keeping the rain from seeping into the underlying roof structure. If you live in an area that has extreme temperatures you can have metal roofing coated to create a cool roof that will help with your heating and cooling bills.

Contact your local metal roofing services to discuss the different options you have for re-roofing your home. Make sure to ask them about metal roofing if you do not currently have it. Most roofers will assume you are going with the same type of roof and may not think to show you what they have to offer in metal.