Tips For Identifying An American Bungalow Home – And How To Choose The Best Roofing Material

Knowing the name of your home's architectural style might not seem important, but having the information can help you find out more about the specific details of the home. Those details can help you best choose materials for a roof repair or replacement project.

American Bungalows are an easily identified architectural style – once you know what to look for in the details. What are some of the identifying factors of an American Bungalow, and how can they help you and a roofing contractor determine the best roofing material?

American Bungalow Defined

American Bungalow houses are small and narrow with one and a half stories and a symmetrical floor plan. The decorative details can be asymmetrical, with the predominant features being a small front porch with columns and a larger window offset to one side of the front door. Overall, the bungalow has a cozy, nature-inspired appeal.

An American Bungalow typically has either a modified low-pitch gable roof or a hipped shape roof. The gable has two lower sloped sides that slope up to the peak for an open triangle shape. A hipped roof has four low-sloped sides that come gently upwards to a flatter peak. The hipped roof has most of its surface area visible from the curb.

Best Roofing: Wood Shakes

The American Bungalow has an almost rustic appearance that benefits from the addition of attractive wood roofing. Wood shakes, which have a thicker and more rustic cut and style than shingles, work particularly well at adding some more dimension and visual interest to this house style.

Wood shakes will work on either a gable or hipped roof. Shakes on a gable roof give a particularly cottage look to the home, which can make your Bungalow look more distinct.

You will need to perform periodic checks and maintenance on a wood roof. The natural material swells and shrinks in high heats and freezing weather, respectively, and those changes can cause warping and other damage over time. If you work in conjunction with your roofing contractors, the hassle should be minimal if you like the look of this roof type.

Best Roofing: Asphalt Shingles

Don't like the look of wood, don't want to perform the upkeep, or need to stick to a tighter budget? Asphalt shingles might work better for your American Bungalow.

The composite shingles are more durable than wood in the elements and come in more colors, thicknesses, and can even have patterns to resemble woodgrain or slate. Asphalt also has one of the lowest price tags among roofing materials, which makes this a great option for homeowners on a budget.

Asphalt shingles are sometimes bad matches for traditional gable roofs because the steep sloping sides can intensify wind, which can damage the lightweight shingles. But the American Bungalow has a modified, low-slope gable, so the wind damage shouldn't be an issue even without windbreaks around your house.

For more information and roofing options for your American Bungalow, talk with professional roofing contractors, such as those at Molloy Roofing Co.