Everything You Need To Know About Inspecting Shakes And Repairing Wood Roofing

Wood shakes can be an interesting addition to your roof. They can also be very durable but will require proper care and the occasional repair. With good maintenance, a shake roof can last for decades with only a minimal amount of repairs. Here is everything you need to know about the care of your new wood shake roofing:

1. Look For Signs Of Fungus Problem And Address The Issue

Fungus can be a major problem on a shake roof. This is usually caused when an area of the roof gets too much shade and moss or lichen begins to grow. Look at your roof and look for signs of green fungus beginning to grow. To prevent this problem, add zinc strips to the roof or thin out tree canopies to allow more sunlight to reach the roof and prevent fungus from growing. If you live in an area with high rainfall, zinc strips can be a good investment to prevent these types of fungus problems on your shake roof.

2. Clean The Roof And Inspect It For Signs Of Cracking And Repair Needs

The shakes on your roof may also eventually become too dirty and need to be cleaned. You will want to clean any stains and discoloration of the shakes with a light detergent and gentle rinse with a garden hose. In addition, clean between the cracks of individual shakes to remove grime that gets in between shakes. Once the shakes are clean, give them a once-over to look for signs of cracking and any shakes that need to be repaired.

3. Look For Discoloration And Signs That The Roof Needs A Coat Of Sealant

Even when you clean your roof, years of weather can eventually cause the wood to become discolored and grey looking. Cleaning can help to remove any dirt but may not be enough. If the roof still has a discolored look to it after cleaning, it may be time to apply a sealant to the shakes. Adding a sealant can help prevent discoloration and prevent a lot of the common wear associated with wood shakes. Cleaning is something you may want to do annually, while sealing the wood only needs to be done every few years.

Caring for your wood roofing is important if you want it to last. If you want to have shakes installed or need help with repairs, contact a roofing contractor to help you get the most life out of wood shakes. 

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