Need Foam Roofing For Your Mobile Home? Understand The Necessary Prep Work

If you own a mobile home, it is difficult to deal with roofing problems. That's because the roof's structure may not be strong enough to deal with the additional weight of people walking on it, making it problematic to repair leaks. A foam roof can be a solution to the problem, because it is lightweight and easy to install without the need to walk across the surface to nail in the roofing material. It does require some prep work though, which you should be aware of if you want the installation to go smoothly.

Remove or Clean The Gutters

If your mobile home has permanent gutters, it's a good idea to have these cleaned out before you perform any roof work. You should also make necessary repairs to the gutters, which include fixing leaks and cracked seams.

For homes that have a removable gutter system, it's best to completely remove the gutter and reinstall them once the foam roof is installed. It will make the entire installation process go much smoother since the roofer will not need to work around the gutters.

Check The Roof's Structural Soundness

Even though foam roofing is lighter than other materials, it's a good idea to inspect the roof's structural soundness prior to the new roof being installed.

The main thing you'll want to look for is areas that are starting to crack or rot. Look at the metal ribs and joints for any cracks or gaps as well. If you notice any issues, have a contractor repair them prior to the new roof being installed.

If you happen to catch problem after a foam roof is installed, they can be repaired from inside the home, though it is not ideal. Repairing the issues earlier will also help the foam roofing material to adhere to the roof.

Inspect The Vents and Flashing

Now is also a good time to look for potential damage to the existing vents and flashing of the mobile home. Flashing should be free of corrosion and cracking, and form a solid seal with the roof deck. Make sure that vents are operational, and replace them if necessary.

Clean The Roof's Surface

Cleaning the roof prior to the foam roof installation will help prevent pockets of air from happening during the installation process. This can be done by washing the roof with a bleach cleaning solution, which will help remove buildup from things like tree sap. You can use a pressure washer to clean the majority of the roof surface, though it will need a couple of days to dry before the foam roof installation.

For help doing any of these things, contact a roofing contractor such as Rainy Day Exteriors.