3 Forms Of Maintenance Metal Roofs Need

If you are getting ready to replace your roof with a metal roof, you should be aware of the maintenance and care your new roof will require. While metal roofs have many advantages over other types of roofs, they can still experience problems if they are not cared for. Here are three tips to help you keep your new metal roof strong, durable, and looking good.

Remove Debris Regularly

It's quite normal for debris to land on the roof of a house, but leaving debris on your metal roof can damage it. It can cause the metal roofing material to fade and corrode, and it could also lead to scratches and holes. To avoid these issues, make sure you trim all the trees near your house. This will stop branches from rubbing against the metal, which can cause damage to its finish.

You should also plan on cleaning the roof once or twice each year. This is a great way to remove debris, but there are right and wrong ways to do this. Good methods for cleaning a metal roof include:

  • Sweeping it with a broom
  • Using a garden hose to gently rinse the debris off with a light stream of water

Power washing a metal roof can be a good method as long as the water stream is not overly powerful. If the water stream is too powerful, it can cause the metal panels to shift. If this happens, water can seep under the panels, causing damage to the roof and the home.

Avoid Walking On It

While metal roofing material is strong, it is not strong enough to withstand a lot of weight over and over. You may need to walk on it from time to time (including when you clean it), but you should avoid walking on it too much.

The panels on a metal roof can begin to bend when exposed to a lot of weight, and you may also end up scratching the panels while you walk on it. If you have to go on your roof, wear shoes that have soft soles. Make sure you also use caution, because standing on a metal roof can be dangerous.

Inspect It

Finally, you should inspect your roof annually or hire a company to do this for you. The metal panels will expand and contract as the weather changes. This type of shifting can lead to loose screws and fasteners or permanent movement in the panels. If you detect either of these things, hire a roofing company to repair the roof.

Metal roofs look great and are very durable, but they will last even longer with the right maintenance. To learn more about metal roofs, contact a roofing contractor in your town.