Why You Must Protect Your Roof From Black Streaks Of Algae

Do you have a roof that is unattractive due to a lot of black streaks covering the asphalt shingles? Although you may be tired of the way the roof looks, your biggest concern should be getting rid of the black streaks because they could be algae spores. Find out below about the harm of algae to asphalt shingles, as well as what a roof repair will cost.

Why Should Algae Spores Be a Concern to Asphalt Shingles?

Algae spores are one of the worst things that can harm asphalt shingles. The spores form in black streaks and can continue spreading if you don't get them removed in a timely matter. Algae spores are harmful because they are able to consume limestone, which is one of the main things asphalt shingles is constructed out of. You don't want the limestone consumed because you will then be left with damaged shingles, thus making your roof susceptible to water damage.

Rainwater will basically sit on the roof deck because the shingles are not in a good enough shape to keep it protected. You must keep in mind that shingles are more than about appeal; they are in place to act as a barrier between rain and the roof deck. The shingles can also prevent the sun from shining directly on the roof deck, which can make a roof more durable.

You can prevent harm from algae if you invest in getting your roofing power-washed. Don't attempt power washing the shingles on your own because you can end up using too much pressure and damaging the shingles. It is also a good idea to get damaged shingles repaired if there are any found when your roof is power washed.

What is the Estimated Price Charged to Repair Damaged Shingles?

The price charged for a professional to replace damaged asphalt shingles will depend on how many square feet is being repaired. The average price charged by a roofer is $1 plus per square foot. However, the width of the shingles and roof slope can lead to the repair being more expensive. The complexity of the job is what will determine the overall price.

Don't keep putting off getting those black streaks removed from your asphalt shingles. Give your roof a boost of appeal and protect the shingles from algae spores by investing in professional power washing. Don't forget to get damaged asphalt shingles replace as well to keep your roof deck durable!