How To Decide If Your Concrete Roof Tiles Really Need Sealing Or Coating

Many homeowners invest in concrete roof tiles because they hear these materials offer a long lifespan. There are countless companies that will tell you that a concrete roof becomes leaky if it's not sealed every few years, but this claim isn't strictly true. Learn how to decide between the cost of cleaning and coating or living with a roof that's still in great shape.

Porosity Concerns

Companies that insist you need their services will say that the porosity of unsealed concrete tiles threatens the health of your roof. While it's true that concrete roofing is full of tiny holes that could theoretically eventually leak water under the shingles, it's very unlikely to happen. The tiles are always installed on a healthy slope that causes water to run off quickly instead of pooling to seep through the pores.

The pores in concrete are tiny and take a long time to absorb moisture. While clear or colored sealants definitely keep water flowing quickly off the tiles, it's not strictly necessary. You'll still enjoy a dry and functioning roof as the manufacturer's coating wears off aging concrete tiles, as long as the tiles are installed on a healthy slope.

Changing Colors

You do need to hire a roofing contractor to apply a coating if you've decided it's time for a different roof color. Whether you want to get cooler summer temperatures with reflective and white coatings or just need a new exterior look, applying acrylic coatings give you the change needed with relatively little work. However, think twice before tackling to work yourself.

Coatings applied for aesthetic or protective reasons both only belong on tiles that are thoroughly cleaned first. The contractors must carefully pressure wash dirt and debris off the tiles before applying any kind of product. It's dangerous and likely to damage your tiles if you attempt either part of the process on your own.

Maintenance Steps

Once you've added a colored coating, you're committed to a more challenging maintenance routine. Coated concrete tiles eventually peel and discolor. You'll need recoating visits every 5-10 years to keep your colorful roof looking great. It's also harder to remove moss and algae from colored tiles without chipping the coating.

If you're concerned about the porosity of your concrete tiles, don't pay thousands of dollars for sealing based on the claims of sales people who want a quick buck. Save your money for more important repairs to deal with cracked, broken, and missing concrete pieces that really ruin your roof's ability to shed water.