Four Solutions To Give Your A Durable, Energy Efficient Commercial Roof

If you have a commercial building, the roof of your business can be the source of a lot of wasted energy. The older roofing on commercial buildings was heavy asphalt coatings that were not energy efficient and could be costly to repair. Today, there are many more options for a commercial roof for your business, which can give you energy savings, more space and a better roofing solution for your business. If you need to have a new roof installed on your business, here are some energy efficient and durable roofing options:

1. Layer Roofing Membranes For More Insulation For Your Building

Layered roofing membrane systems can be an energy efficient solution for many different climates. These systems will include a layer of rigid foam insulation and several layers of roofing membranes. This system is ideal for areas with cold winters and hot summers. It will give your building the insulation to keep heat in and keep the heat out.

2. Lightweight Rubber Roofing Membranes For Lighter Construction

Roofing membranes can also be installed directly on underlayments in lighter construction, such as homes. For a new commercial building, this can greatly reduce the cost of construction, and provide an energy efficient roof. This is ideal for buildings that do not require rigid roof construction, such as a small shop, office building or restaurant.

3. Green Roofing System To Give Commercial Businesses Added Green Space

Green roofs are another energy efficient solution for commercial buildings. These systems include several layers, which include a membrane, drainage, soil and plants. These systems will provide excellent insulation for your business, as well as add green space. This is an ideal system to use for the replacement of asphalt, where heavy construction already exists to carry the extra load.

4. Metal Roofing With Reflective Roof Coating For A Practical Roofing Solution

Metal roofing can also be a good solution for commercial roofing. This can be a practical solution for small shops and industrial buildings that need an affordable roof. To make them more energy efficient, you can also add a reflective roof coating, which will help to keep the building cool by reflecting heat from the sun.  It is ideal for structures that have little or no heating and air conditioning in them.

These are some of the durable commercial roofing options you have for your business. If you need to have a new roof installed on your building, contact a commercial roofing contractor and ask them about using some of these systems to improve the energy performance of your business. To find out more about roofing, contact a company like P Cooper Roofing.