Small Water Spots From Your Flat Roof? Ventilation Pipes Could Be The Problem

If you are dealing with leaks from the roof of your commercial property, you need to call a roofing contractor to get the problem fixed. If the leak is only in one area and its above where the HVAC pipes leave the building, this could be the culprit.

If the water stains are below the general area where the pipes are, but there aren't leaks in other locations, there are many potential reasons why this is happening. When the contractor comes to the property, ask about the following.

Damaged Caulking or Sealant

If the pipe had caulking or another type of sealant put around the base where it comes out of the roof, you should be aware that this will wear with time. If it's cracked or has constricted away from the pipe, water can travel down between the roof and the pipe and right into your ceilings or other areas of the building. Although this may be a simple fix, there could be damages inside the attic or throughout the building because the roof wasn't properly maintained.

Humidity and Condensation from the Pipes

If heat is pushing out of the pipes that are in the cold air or cold air is coming up through hot pipes that have been sitting in the sun all day, condensation will occur. This condensation may be dripping back into the pipe, causing mold and mildew throughout the ventilation system, and it could be dripping outside the pipe and causing water stains and damage. The pipes may need to be insulated or replaced.

New Insulation Options

Ask the roofing contractor about getting new insulation below the roof after the problem is fixed. Polyurethane spray foam will expand to fill all of the gaps letting water or air in through the roof, act as a robust barrier against moisture, and help with heating and cooling costs.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation may be needed if moisture has been damaging the structure of your commercial property for a long time. Wood throughout the structure may also be rotted. Ask the roofing contractors while they inspect the roof and attic if there is a mold problem. You also may need to have the ducts cleaned if moisture is in the ventilation system.

Don't ignore small water spots throughout the ceilings of your commercial property, because they can become big problems quickly. Water in the space weakens the structure of the building, and can be a health hazard if mold develops. For more information, speak with professionals like RTN Roofing Systems.