Five Advantages Of Using Foam Roofing For Your Home

If you are at a point where you are looking to replace the roof on your home, then you need to take a look at foam roofing. There are certain advantages that foam roofing has over more traditional materials. The following are just a few of these advantages.

Foam provides a tighter seal

After installation, the foam material is able to penetrate small cracks in the roof and also creates a single continuous solid material. Traditional roof shingles and tiles are installed in an overlapping fashion, but are far from offering a complete seal for the house. The slightest breakage can lead to water seeping on the wood and allowing water inside the home during a rain storm. Foam material is less likely to create this type of roof leak.

Foam provides greater insulation

Foam material is available with a final coating of light reflective material. When the sun shines directly on the roof, the light does not absorb into the foam like it would on traditional tiles; therefore, there is far less heat generated, and your home is kept cooler in the summertime.  

Foam is cheaper to install

When a professional, like Armstrong Installation Service, is hired to install a foam roof, the cost is less than when installing tiles. Tile roofing takes more time to install, so the final cost is going to be higher due to the labor cost associated with roof installation.

Foam is cheaper to maintain

When repairs need to be made to a tile roof, a roofer will need to remove a portion of your roof, and then install new tiles or shingles. Depending upon the reason for the repair and the type of shingles, this can become a big job. Repairing a foam roof means a fresh application of foam to a small portion of the roof, and the job is finished. Quicker repairs mean a lower labor cost, and this translates to lower maintenance costs for a homeowner.

Foam roofs last longer

Tile and shingle roofs need to be replaced periodically as any homeowner can attest to. However, a foam roof can last as long as a homeowner's mortgage.

Foam roofs are only now beginning to catch on, but as they begin to grow in popularity, homeowners across the country are starting to realize the benefits of foam material for their homes. Before you commit yourself to replacing your roof with traditional materials, take the time to get a quotation and ask further questions of your local foam roof installer.