A Rubber Roof Membrane Will Protect Your Shed’s Shingle Roof From Leaks

Protect your shed's shingle roof from leaks by installing a rubber roof membrane. The material that the membrane is made out of will act as a barrier and prevent the roofing materials from becoming damaged from moisture, wind, or hail.

Use The Following Materials

  • rubber roof membrane
  • water hose
  • measuring tape
  • utility knife
  • roofing nails
  • hammer
  • bonding adhesive
  • mixing stick
  • paint roller
  • push broom
  • paint tray
  • ladder
  • mild detergent
  • natural bristle scrub brush

​Remove Debris And Lay Out The Rubber Membrane

Set up a ladder next to the shed and remove tree branches and large pieces of debris that are on the roof by hand. Rinse off the roof with a water hose. Measure the length and width of the roof. Unfold the rubber roofing membrane and lay it across a flat, sturdy surface. Cut the membrane with a utility knife so that it is slightly larger than the roof. Once the roof has dried, lay the membrane across it.

Cutting a piece of membrane that is slightly larger will ensure that you have plenty of material to cover the roof with in case the membrane isn't lined up up perfectly. After you have applied the membrane, you can trim pieces that are too long with a utility knife. 

Attach The Membrane

Mix the bonding adhesive and pour it into a paint tray. Fold up one half of the membrane and apply bonding adhesive to the roof with a paint roller. Move the roller across the roof in straight lines. Once half of the roof is prepared, lay the folded up piece of membrane back down onto the roof. Press the membrane down and remove wrinkles moving a push broom over the top of it.

Apply adhesive to the other half of the roof and press the membrane down and remove wrinkles in the same manner that was previously used. Secure the edges of the membrane to the roof with roofing nails and a hammer. Placing one or two nails in each corner will be sufficient. Trim the edges of the membrane with a utility knife if they appear to be longer than the roof.

Clean The Rubber Membrane

Clean the rubber membrane by spraying it off with a water hose whenever visible dirt is present. If stains are present on some parts of it, remove them with mild detergent, warm water, and a natural bristle scrub brush. Your shed will look well maintained and the membrane will last for several years by taking good care of it.

For more information, contact GBS Enterprises Roofing or a similar company.