Why You Should Consider A Residential Roof Tear Off Instead Of A Nail-Over

A nail-over roofing job is when roofers simply nail new asphalt shingles over the existing shingles. This is usually done as a cheaper alternative to a complete roof tear off, but there are many reasons why you may not want to do it. When you hire someone for a residential roof tear off, all of the existing shingles, flashing, and roofing nails are removed and all new materials are installed. Here are some of the reasons why this may be the better option for you:

Future Leaks Will Be Easier To Find

Finding the source of a leak in your roof is going to be a lot easier when there is only one layer of shingles up there. If there are two layers of shingles, finding all of the problem spots will be an issue. You can find the issue with the top layer of shingles easily enough, but then you have to wonder where the water is getting through on the second layer of shingles. Because of the way the water can move, it could get past the first layer of shingles at one spot and then get through the second layer of shingles in a spot that is several feet over.

Problem Areas On The Wood Can Be Found

If you are just going to have new shingles nailed over the top of the old shingles, you will not have the chance to notice anything going wrong with the wood part of the roofing system. When roofers are doing a complete tear off, they will be able to see if there are sections of wood that should really be replaced. This will help ensure that you will not have a lot of future problems with your roof, and it can also help make sure that your home is more energy efficient. After all, weak wood can end up with holes in it, and temperature-controlled air from inside of the house can escape through there.

All you need to do now is to start searching for local roofing companies that will be able to do a residential roofing tear off job in the near future. If your current roof is starting to fail, you will want to have the new roof installed as soon as possible. This may require you to have a couple of different roofing contractors come to your home so they can get an in-person look at your roof. They will do a quick inspection and take some measurements so they can give you an accurate price quote.

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